Zara Houshmand

Zara Houshmand is an Iranian American writer, editor, and literary translator whose work crosses boundaries and cultural divides. She lives in the mountains of California.

Moon and Sun

An authentic new translation of Rumi’s poems of ecstatic love, spiritual longing, and the deepest of human friendships, in a bilingual Persian-English edition.

Running Toward Mystery

“A necessary and captivating narrative of spiritual courage and truth seeking far beyond the veil of our contemporary delusions.” -Sting

A Mirror Garden

An irresistible free spirit and a woman of extraordinary talent, Monir tills the rich soil of Iran’s culture and traditions, as well as its present turmoil, to find her own way as an artist.

Beyond Manzanar

Exploring what it means to be seen as an enemy in your own country, and pioneering the use of virtual reality as an art form, Beyond Manzanar remains urgently relevant two decades after its creation.